A creative team. One with an
ongoing love affair with
words, the other with design.


We are two
Digital Media students
at Hyper Island in
Karlskrona, Sweden.

We love to push
boundaries, invent
greatness and
solve problems.
Therefore we're
looking for an
internship where
our creativity
really gets


We are

Strategically driven. Fearless.
Constantly improving. Storytellers.
Geeky. Passionate. Fun to work with.
And available for a seven month internship.


Who we think you are

You are looking for unexpected ways to solve
an expected brief, and would like a
smaller workload on your desk.


Hyper Island

No homework is given and no school-
books are needed. Instead, it's all about trial
and error. We learn about ourselves, how to work
with others and how to make great things happen.

The Waterproof Challenge

Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher
Caption1 test test test Caption2

By: Emelie

Client: Yves Rocher

Role: Copywriter

Type: Real project with digital agency Morgenland

Launched: In the Nordic countries 26th of August 2011

Try it!

Project Manager and CEO, Daniel Sköld
Creative Director, Johan Hedenskog
Executive Producer, Tim Sajdak
Art Director, Joakim Norman
Designer, Henrik Karlsson
Director, Robin Günther
Director of Photography, Anna Thorbjörnsson
Photographer, Josefin Mirsch

Insight: The best way to show off the durability of waterproof makeup is to test it with water. Loads of it.

Concept: We bought a fish bowl, filled it with water and threw it on the Nordic fashion blog elite. Ok, we might have exaggerated a bit when throwing ten water balloons in their faces. Let's just say: Life as a fashion blogger is not always as simple as you think.

What I did: Concept development, model casting, styling, pitching for client, in contact client and copywriting.

Personal Learnings: Before this summerjob I never had heard of the words contact report, ppm or media plan. Now I’m well aware of what they mean and how important they are in order for the work process to go as smooth as possible.

Open Innovation


By: Evy

Client: Lantmännen

Role: Concept, Designer

Type: School Project, Hyper Island

Completed: June 2011

Designer, Katryna Jones
Illustrator, Daniel Grönlund
Creative, William Hollowell
Strategy, Edo Khondkaryan
Project Manager, Josef Ruona
Project Manager, Kalle Schütz

Insight: Who knows a company’s product the best? The consumers usually do.

Concept: Based on that insight we created Lantmännen Open Innovation. An open innovation platform where costumers' feedback is considered, developed and sometimes even realized. For each idea, the costumers are rewarded with badges and can exchange them for Lantmännen products. While the users earn badges, Lantmännen get a deeper insight of the costumers' needs and thoughts. A real win-win situation.

What I did: Concept development, pitching for client, design of the online shop, the profile page and parts of the landing page.

Personal Learnings: That user interaction is the difference between an OK and a really good web site. How important it is to give grounds for my design and pitching it to the client in a convincing way.

We Care

We Care
We Care
We Care

By: Emelie

Role: Copywriter, Project Manager

Type: School Project, Hyper Island

Completed: September 2010

Designer, Thomas Johanssen
Interaction Designer, Niclas Gelin
Designer, Henrik Dahlqvist
Concept, Calle Nordell

Insights: 1. Working out at the gym may not always be seen as the the most fun way of spending your free time on. 2. When working out with a friend, it turns into a fun experience. 3. Once you see actual results of your invested time and effort, the motivation increases—big time.

Concept: To all you slackers out there: No matter if pounds need to be shed or you want to outshine a colleague at Ironman, WeCare works for you. Just set a goal and WeCare will help you achieve them. Share the progress with your friends and even challenge them. Once you win a challenge—flaunt your greatness on Facebook.

WeCare is not only a health app that gathers information from your existing applications on your smartphone. What we've delivered is a way for people to inspire and motivate each other—which is the best way to ensure becoming and staying healthy in a fun way!

What I did: Concept development, research, pitching for class, project management and copywriting.

Personal Learnings: First time as a project manager is always a tricky one. I learnt a lot about myself, both good and bad, as well as solving conflicts and how to keep a group motivated, even during late nights.

Club j.random

Club j.random
Club j.random
Club j.random
Club j.random
Club j.random

By: Evy

Role: Concept, Designer

Type: School Project, Hyper Island

Completed: October 2010

Exhibited: At Exploring Technology fair in Stockholm November 2010

Project Manager, Caroline Seimertz
Developer, Niclas Gelin
Designer, Thomas Johanssen
ActionScript Developer, Gabriel Ardiles
Motion Graphic Designer, Rikard Georgii

Insight: The music you enjoy most is the one you choose yourself.

Concept: This is a project aimed at ending crappy music at clubs. With Club j. Random, you're the one in charge of the music playing. Just grab the motion tracking disco bowl and hit us with your best dance move! When your body moves, it triggers different sound, creating your personalized club music.

Technology: When a person enters the room with an IR-device (the ball), motion sensors will start a mix of beats and loops in Abelton Live. The motion sensors are connected to an Arduino board and an adapted Nintendo gaming hardware sending MIDI commands. Together with a bit of processing and ActionScript software, a studio music application was born.

What I did: Everything from soldering IR-lamps to more familiar things like designing the web page and developing the concept.

Personal Learnings: That technology isn’t magic or rocket science – it’s pure logic. You can create almost anything with some patience and optimism. And a cup of coffee or two.

IDEA: Save Sweden

By: Evy and Emelie

Client: NTF, Swedish Union for Traffic Safety

Type: Fictive project

Status: Work in progress

Insight: A helmet is OK to wear—as long as you aren't the one using it.

Concept: We need to reposition helmets and make them trendy and hip. But how do you do that? By asking for help from someone trendy and hip. This is how Save Sweden was brought to life. A cooperation between Stockholm Fashion Week, selected Swedish designers and Swedish Union for Traffic Safety.

Acne, Dagmar, Minimarket and Tiger of Sweden created their own, unique helmet design in line with their current clothing collection. Besides from being fashionably safe– the helmet was also a ticket to Stockholm Fashion Week. Most important of all: A statement that it's OK to wear a helmet. Even trendy.

In order to insure good habits, users were rewarded every time they wore a Save Sweden-helmet. When passing different hotspots around town, they received special offers such as discounts and vip-invitations sent directly to their smartphone, thanks to a RFID chip inside the helmet.

What Evy did: Concept development, layout and the design.

What Emelie did: Concept development, research and copywriting.

Personal Learnings: For coming up with ideas we like to identify a problem, talk about it, do one of several idea generations and then do some research. After a while, talk about it again. Then, talk about not talking about it. When that doesn’t work, talk about something else instead of talking about it. And that’s about how it goes, until we find the ”right” concept for the brief.

Contact us

Evy who?

Evy comes from the deepest Norwegian forest you can imagine.
As a Designer, she loves to explore her ideas with a little help from
Photoshop and french pressed coffee. When not at work, she beats
guys in beer drinking contests and secretly listens to
Britney Spears.

“Her versatility and creativity has been
vital to us in order to deliver
a good newspaper”

- Robert André Esp, Department Head of the newspaper Valdres Media

“Her motivation, seriousness of purpose and strong
design abilities prove that she has incredible potential
to become a leading figure in the cultural industry”

- Christoper Moore, Graduate Program Director,
Design and Computation Arts at Concordia Univeristy

“Eager, really talented, curious, nice to work with,
precise, honest, really smart and wise beyond her
years are the words that describe Evy the best”

- Liv Rygh, Typographer of the newspaper Valdres Media

Emelie who?

Emelie comes from the beautiful west coast of Sweden. As a Copywriter she never leaves the house without a notebook in her purse and reads everything from US Weekly to Kafka. Besides from tweaking ideas, she dreams of running a marathon one day. Another goal is to cure her chips addiction that only gets worse with time.

“Emelie is full of good ideas. Always presents something new, innovative and quite unexpected. She's a doer that never cuts corners”
- Erika Kits Gölevik, Managing editor at ToppHälsa.

“She's fearless and can make great achievements
out of nothing. A real asset and very smart.
And probably soon Editor-in-Chief”

- Challe Lundholm, Creative Director Feature Familjen
and former Editor-in-chief at ToppHälsa

“It's fun and easy to work with her. She's talented, ambitious, inventive and has a warm and open personality”
- Ebba von Sydow, Host for SVT and former Editor-in-Chief at Veckorevyn.com

Evy and Emelie