A creative team. One with an
ongoing love affair with
words, the other with design.

Final Project pt. II in the making

Plastic Fantastic

People say you can’t predict the future. Evy and I tried to. Here’s what we’d look like in a couple of years + a trip to the beauty doctor. Let’s hope our predictions are wrong.

O Summer, Where Art Thou?

Summer. Seems like so long ago.

Animal Overload part 2

Evy has forbidden me to post anything more about animals. But I just can’t help it. I have to share all the cuteness I see everyday.

So, to all you animal lovers out there: Say hello to my former pet Roffe. A gold hamster that had more friends than my mom (on Facebook). Was tamer than this little fluffy thing but almost ruined my student budget when she gnawed through her cage. Four times!

Since she’s no longer with us, we decided to dedicate a page for her.

We have many talents

Sleeping however and wherever is one of them.

Hovering directors

Practice makes perfect

Evy and I tried to take advantage of the fact that we had a photoshoot with our class yesterday. Lights, flashes, expensive camera–You name it. With all the photo equipment in the world, we couldn’t nail a single shot.

Hopefully the photographer is right: Practice makes perfect.

Hard work pays off

Just as we released our site last Tuesday and thought we finally had a life again – Hyper Island gave our class a surprise brief that we had 48 hours to complete. After many hours brainstorming we finally decided on a concept and ended up sitting in school until 5 a.m.

But hard work pays off! Today Adidas announced our team’s concept as the Karlskrona winner. (Emelie and I worked together with Katryna, Markus, Mikael and William)

Do good

Night at Roskilde Festival

This year Evy and I worked as Visualizers for The Social Lab at Roskilde Festival. The Social Lab’s objective was to decrease inhumanity and poverty through good ideas. The visitors of Roskilde came up with ideas and the ones with the highest rank got visualized at the end of the day.

As the creative duo we are, I made the illustrations and Evy adjusted them with a little help from Photoshop and InDesign.

It's slightly different at day time. Work mode on.

Very rough sketches. Every day we visualized 5 ideas, spending maximum 1 hour to sketch and do layout.

The hard life of a creative

Eating Cheese doodles, demonstration the life of a slacker for a case movie.

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